Posted on 24/05/2016

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Sonic Academy ANA Synthesizer

ANA is definitely a well-equppped subtractive synth, capable of producing all standard virtual analog flavours. Plenty of everything, and a large modulation matrix caters for some very complex possibilities. I acquired it mostly because of the randomizing feature, which is very much in line with my current generative music experiments. And ANA does deliver some wildly unpredictable […]

Posted on 31/03/2016

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Roland JP-08 Boutique

It is not the size that matters.... The Fluxic synth collection has been expanded by 2 Roland JP-08 Boutique "Jupiters". Although not a full Jupiter-8, it has roughly the same architecture, and brings back the tactile interface, the fat sound and the fast editing. I owned an original Jupiter-8 from 1984 to 1986. It was coupled [...]

Posted on 01/02/2016

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Telestream WireCast

Fluxic now incorporates a full TV-station With the addition of the Telestream WireCast software for the Mac Pro, future Fluxic events and concerts can now be live streamed directly from the studio. I am currently carrying out experiments with a basic setup of 2 HDMI cameras and a webcam, with extra cameras planned. Expect the first webcast […]

Posted on 19/02/2015

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MakeNoise Mysteron

FM or Physical Modelling or…? The Mysteron Eurorack module from MakeNoise is a very potent sound source – especially for hard, percussive and plucked tonal sounds. It can be used by completely itself, simply by triggering the “Excite” inputs. In fact you must trigger the Excite inputs to get sound out of the Mysteron. The sound […]

Posted on 12/02/2014

Jesper Ranum

The Ranum Eurorack Modular System

Read more: The Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Format REBIRTH OF FLEXIBILITY In recent years the modular synthesizer format has generated a lot of renewed interest. The standardised open rack format - Eurorack - conceived by German synth legend Dieter Doepfer, has spawned a whole range of small specialised manufacturers, who make modules for the format. With currently more than [...]

Posted on 22/05/2013

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SM Audio M-Patch 5.1

Surround Monitor controllers come in 2 main flavours – active and passive. The active monitor switchers has circuitry that makes it comfortable and flexible to switch settings. However, this may come at an expense to the sound quality, since the signal passes through additional circuits before hitting your ears. This may lead to misjudgments about […]

Posted on 21/03/2012

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Access Virus TI Keyboard

A powerhouse engine The Virus TI synth engine is very well equipped, and enables a wide range of sounds – from classic analog emulations, to dazzling, distorted arpeggios. The synth based on Virtual Analog technology with its 3 oscillators, dual multimode filters, generous modulations and beefy effects. The keyboard feels heavy and reassuring, and a […]

Posted on 28/07/2011

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Moog MoogerFooger FreqBox MF-107

Two minds alike In a famous collaboration with Harold Bode, Robert Moog and Bode constructed a Frequency Shifter, that was an optional and special module for the Moog Modular systems. It found it’s place large systems like Keith Emerson’s, but is quite rare as a module. The original modular Moog/Bode Frequency Shifter Pedalize it As part […]

Posted on 19/05/2010

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Manley Slam – Preamp/Limiter

Manley gear is built like a tank, but feel like a Rolls-Royce to operate. The Manley Slam preamp circuitry is an absolute winner, with silky top and tight bottom end. And the Compressor/Limiter section gives you that undefinable glue, that melts your stereo mixes together. The Slam is being used as a preamp for recording demanding […]