Posted on 10/05/1980

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PPG Wave 2 Synthesizers

A sound innovator Wolfgang Palm is a leading synthesizer hardware designer from Germany, who started out building custom accessories and modular synthesizers under the name “PPG”. The product were originally custom made for  professional users, like the German “Berlin-school” electronic band Tangerine Dream . The wavetable synths But Palms real innovation was probably his work with Wavetables – […]

Posted on 01/03/1978

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Roland CR-78 Compu-Rhythm

The CR-78 was a very traditional looking, but pretty groundbreaking unit in some ways. Not merely building upon their legacy and upgrading the exsting CR-68 model, Roland added user programmability to the CR-78 for the first time in their rhythm units. You could add your own beats to existing rhythms - or create a new [...]

Posted on 01/10/1976

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Moog Sonic 6 Synthesizer

The first synthesizer I acquired was the rather special Moog Sonic 6, which lacked some of the MiniMoog's performance features, but offered quite a lot more possibilities for experimentation. It still had the fat Moog filter sound, but the limited Envelope Generator somewhat narrows its potential for traditional musical synth sounds. The Sonic 6 was originally [...]