Posted on 14/01/2018

Jesper Ranum

09484 :: Almost too Good

< Return function goBack() { window.history.back(); } From the first demo to release - and further Created in Ranum Studio 8 Composed, Produced and Performed by Jesper Ranum © KODA/NCB 2018 All music & other content © Jesper Ranum (KODA/NCB) 2018. No public use without prior written agreement. Click here for Copyrights & Licensing Info... [...]

Posted on 13/12/2017

Jesper Ranum

09318 :: Give it a try

RANUM :: SONGS :: TRACKS :: 09318 :: GIVE IT A TRY A calm and spiritual track, with a varied arrangement and soft vocals. MUSICIANS Jesper Ranum: Synths, Samples, Sequences, Rhythms, Vocal Simon Harder: Guitars Sanne Graulund: Female Vocals Jorn Lendorph; Backing Vocals Lise Dandanell: Backing Vocals RECORDING INFO Last version recorded in Studio - [...]