Posted on 11/05/2017

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Fluxic: “AutoHouse”

“How many computer decisions can you apply to a piece of music and still get meaningful music out”? I have asked myself this question many times and conducted numerous experiments on the subject. And this track is one such experiment. Extracting the DNA Choosing House music as an example I skimmed the BeatPort “Deep House” […]

Posted on 06/04/2016

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Video: “2-3-Selector”

My very first video experiment with Fluxic, so please forgive the ignorance and rookie moves :-). An animated graphics video with images and words from the Fluxic 1.0 work. The music is sparse, mesmerizing and hypnotical with a laconic, partly spoken vocal. And the video is somewhat futuristic and mechanical, with superimposed words to go […]