Album: “DÉFILM” (1985) 

1st Album – “DéFilm”.

Recordings began in 1983 of what should turn out to be the most ambitious and expensive pop recording project in Denmark until then. Besides another long visit to Puk Studio (then owned and managed by John “Puk” Qvist himself), a range of other studios were used – Studio 39, Easy Sound, Hookfarm, and the then newly built Medley Studios in Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen.

Recordings in Medley Studio started when the construction was still going on, and DéFilm was the first band to record there with Thomas Brekling and Gis Ingvardtsson behind the desk.

American assistance

Striving to achieve the best possible result and to have those all-important hit singles we went to exhausting lengths.  Bringing in American producer Harvey Goldberg to mix and finalize the album in New York’s Media Sound Studios further added up and thus the album became a very expensive production – in fact the most expensive Danish album until then. This fact was not solely to our advantage when time came to launch the album. The production price was actively used by Medley Records as a handle to promote the album. Parts of the press focused very much on this fact, which somewhat overshadowed what was in fact a very good album.

Sketch for the cover of the first DéFilm album, made by Ole Pihl, who was a part of the design team for the album.

Observe the empty space for the name, since the album title was not decided yet.

The drawing is based on a photo from a session where each member had to hold a stick. This was not used for the album, but appeared on posters and press releases.

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