You have reached the online electronic music universe of Jesper Ranum – Copenhagen, Denmark.

With a career spanning almost 4 decades in Electronic Music, Media Production, Digital Audio and Web Development, I have deep experience with music composition, audio production, video post, digital creation and web development.

Synth-pioneer, composer, author, producer, sound designer, web-developer, pop star, studio manager and VO artist are only some of the many hats I have worn during this period. And the sum of these experiences is being condensed in Electronic Music Life.

Currently I am deep into electronic music research and performance, and I am determined to take my musical web presence to the next level.


The site takes you to the endless variations of the INFINITY work, the deep waters of Fluxic, the intricate machine room of Ranum Studio Copenhagen, the twisted melancholia of the Ranum Solo universe, the playful and bright songs from Pop Missiles, and authentic electronic rock from the 80’s by DéFilm.

For the business side, the Media and Commercial Productions area covers all aspects. And a whole library of weird, kitsch and wonderful media pieces from several decades.

If you are into electronic music, you may pick up some experiences from the Ranum Blog, sharing 40 years of electronic music production. And perhaps even learn a few secrets and jokes from the music business. And check out Ranum Studio Copenhagen for a technical inspection.

Some images from various years and places

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