INFINITY is a large body of music adding up to almost 50 full-length albums, released simultaneously together with thousands of images, videos and words. As one interactive, coherent, evolving and virtually infinite meta work. With many different paths and ways to access the content and create an almost endless variety of hopefully inspiring and evocative combinations.

A reformatted and remastered selection of my previously unreleased electronic music tracks, spanning 4 decades. From the very primitive first steps to the brand new, advanced and intricate stuff.

Accompanied by unique combinations of original graphic art images and contemplative quotes, giving each user a fully unique experience on this site.

With detailed recording info, track history, equipment, periods and graphic cover images.

A large part of the music is exclusive to this site, and cannot be found elsewhere.

I started to build the work on my previous website, but it was too difficult to manage the content on that platform (Magento), so I decided to start all over using WordPress.

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