“Music for media productions” in fact covers a very wide area, since each production has special requirements. Some needs a full orchestral arrangement, while others need a discrete jazz backing. Some needs ambient electronic soundscapes – others need full on hardcore techno. Again others need a musical sound design – or maybe supervision of existing music to be used.

Being a media composer you may sometimes be frowned at, buit in fact you need to be both versatile, talented, robust and self-confident – oh, and did I forget sales minded?

Versatile because you must be able to deliver virtually any kind of music in a convincing arrangement on a very short notice.

Talented is sort of self-explantory.

Robust because your music will be exposed to all sorts of comments and inputs. From the ridiculous and incomprehensive to the razor sharp and visionary. And you and your music music must follow along with a smile on your lips.

Self-confident because you will have to sometimes stand up for your views. You may be overruled for a higher purpose, but if you have a real point you should raise your voice. But remember – timing is the key here.

And sales minded, beacuse you can be the best composer in the world if your works never get out there. You must do the homework, locate the important people, network with them, and attack at the right time. Too early and they’ll find you pushy – too late and somebody else will get the job.


After composing the music for hundreds of productions of all kinds, I can promise to deliver an emotional and well executed piece of music, that will guarantee to enhance your visuals.

I did the music for the longest running TV-show in Danish history, commercials and documentaries that have been broadcasted across the globe, news, promos, games, radio spots. You name it.

Whether you need a small audio logo, some indie noodling for a commercial or a highly developed orchestral or electronic arrangement you can find examples in my references that covers this.


Sometimes a production needs a very tailor-made sound and music image.

Some of the challenges with this may be

  • combining several pieces of non-matching music,
  • composing music around a dialog
  • deep integration between music and sound effects.

Designing a deeply integrated audio experience for images is a specialized discipline, that takes both technical knowledge and experience.

I used to do a lot of commercials with this level of integration, but less often now since the widespread use of online stock music libraries has made it harder get enough decent jobs.

Below you’ll find some lovely retro examples with high level of integration between music and sound effects.


A whole part of the music med media industry is occupied by people, who specialize in picking the right music for visuals. Movies, Games, TV-shows, Commercials, Documentaries… These are called Music Supervisors, and they can be powerful allies for music publishers and artists. I have worked with this for many years, and could provide a qualified opinion and suggestions should you need them.



I used to do a lot of playing, production and engineering, with loads of albums passing by the studio in the 80´s and 90´s. Nowadays I limit this to special occasions, where I am also involved in the compositions.


The Studio can handle any kind of standard music production with up to 5 different musicians simultaneously.

It is equipped with a full range of rooms, microphones, outboards and instruments.

And an extraordinarily powerful and efficient electronic production system with loads of hardware synths, and all major plug-in bundles available.


With visual monitoring throughout, it is easy for everyone to follow screen actions.


The studio is only available with Jesper Ranum or other inhouse engineers.

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