Album “Coming to your heart soon” (1986)

2nd Album – “Coming to your heart soon”.

Recordings for the sophomore DeFilm album were also taking place continuously in DeFilm Studio, Studio 39, Bløndal Studio, Hookfarm and Medley Studio. Quite a lot of material was considered and recorded. Not all of this reached the second album.

Problems with the international label started to get on our nerves, and slowly the musical and personal differences within the band started to grow, and just before the release of the second album (“Coming to your hear soon”) we agreed to split, and I left the band to follow the ambitions of building a personal studio. The album was still a genuine DeFilm album with important contributions by myself – most notably “Whale Song”, “I see light” and “Nothing comes easy”.

Quite a few of my songs were skipped because of the breakup, although they were already quite developed. Check the unreleased track “Mystery Girl”. I have later produced and recorded several of these tracks, which you may like. I have gathered these songs in a special DéFilm-Style Song page.

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