BITTER SURPRISE (Copenhagen 1984)

Video Produced by Medley / Man Over Board.
Directed by Torben Skjødt Jensen. Producer: Lars Bo Blarke. AD: Søren A. Olsen

The first video was produced in Denmark under the supervision of the inhouse video producer from Medley Lars Bo Blarke (who later went on to form several high profile video production companies like “Blarke, Sonne Levring” (BSL) and “PostSelskabet”). The creative team consisted of Torben Skjødt Jensen (still very active in the Copenhagen alternative film scene), Ole Pihl and Søren A. Olsen (Mand Over Bord). Steen Ørting plays the mysterious Birdman walking in. The video was to be shot in the premises of Columbus Film on the Copenhagen harbour front on an icy cold day in January. With the high ceiling, even multiple heat cannons could not heat it up properly. The footage was mixed with some old movie pieces.

Although the video is creatively nice and rather interesting, I feel it does not represent the song too well, putting it into an indie niche, rather than making it shine like the modern pop ballad it was meant to be.

“I SAW YOUR DREAM” (London 1985) – Produced by Epic/Portrait Records UK.

“WHALE SONG” (Copenhagen 1986) – Produced by DR/TV

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