Jesper Ranum – one of the pioneers in Danish electronic music – now launches an extensive and visionary musical and artistic universe comprising previously unreleased electronica with accompanying artwork and deep web-integration. A holistic musical experience.
Danish electronica spanning more than 30 years presented on a unique
web portal developed from the ground up.

More than 9 hours of original content in a forward thinking and deep site where notions are turned upside down compared to standard music biz thinking.

• In Flux. Music, Artwork and site is being continuously developed and updated daily.
• Living artwork. Experience tracks com to life with inspiring artwork slideshows.
• Randomizing. Ensures a new experience for every visit.
• Flow Control. Match the stream to you current mood and activity.
• Virtual Bands. The music determines the band.
• Music as software. Get track updates as they become available.
• HD Downloads. Download tracks in full 24-bit WAV quality.
• Inspiring searches. Standard and absurd search criteria you won’t find anywhere else.
• Direct interactivity with the artist.
• Independent of corporations and multinational interests,
• Free of commercials spam and noise.

“Fluxicology”. A quintuple CD box set.
The launch is accompanied by a physical CD box set comprising 5 albums released as a limited and signed edition. The box set cannot be bought but only be won or earned via The music is a snapshot of the current content on the site.

The album can be experienced in it’s entity as an installation with artwork on

Contact Jesper Ranum on +45 33 24 00 23 or




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