Typical Copyright Problems
Whenever a recording is made somebody has the copyright to that recording.
Whenever you use a piece of music in a publicly broadcasted or performed situation it must be cleared with the copyright holders.
You must therefore be sure that you have obtained all the rights you need, including the recording rights.
The recording rights are different from the composer’s copyrights, and may well be owned by a different company or person from the composer or publisher.

With Ranum you can clear both the composition and recording rights simultaneously, and thus start to use the music right away.

Songs evoke and convey emotions like few other things in life.
Often associated with certain persons, events or periods.
Strong songs are the foundation for most succesful music artists.
We are constantly chasing emotionally captivating songs.
Wrapped in the most current production methods, songs can take on a variety of entities.

Dressing it up
Think of a song as a “naked Barbie Doll”:
Ready to be “dressed up” in a variety of musical clothes with accessories that can be added as spice.
Most songs can work in a variety of “dresses”. Some even display new qualities when “dressed” differently.
You will find many examples on this site.
Alternative versions of a song are displayed in the “Track References” section in Details view.
Click “Details” in the Player to access this.

You may find a track that is quite good – but not spot on. 

If only it was … a bit faster … had no vocals … incorporated a trumpet  etc etc. 

The “living” nature of the this music catalog ensures that adaptations can be carried out extremely fast.
And pinpointed to our exact specifications.

Thus you will get a personalized version of the track matching your production perfectly.

Most music users want a unique experience – for themselves or their clients.
You can be granted the exclusive rights to use a particular track for a shorter or longer period of time. This ensures that the track will not appear in any other context than yours within this period. You will have to cash up a little extra to get this exclusivity, since the track will have to be taken out of cmmercial circulation. But for many productions this will be an insignicant amount that is easily justifiable.

Are we inadvertently violating your Copyrights ?
If you feel that your – or any third parties’ – copyrights are being violated on this site please notify, and I’ll investigate.
If you’re found to be correct I’ll remove the offending material immediately.

Are you inadvertently violating our Copyrights ?
All musics, lyrics, programming and other creative output on this site is the intellectual property of
Jesper Ranum and Pickupsongs if not explicity marked otherwise.
Downloads, synchs and public reproduction can only take place with the proper permissions. 
Any violation of this will be prosecuted by the court of law.
Payments for public performances are handled by KODA (www.koda.dk).
Licensing and sychronisation fees are handled throught this site.

Songs on Fluxic
Fluxic presents many music tracks with vocals. 
But the main focus is electronica and alternative music.
The sound or format of the vocals in the Fluxic tracks could make them a less obvious choice for other artists to perform.

PickupSongs. Dedicated to songs.
If you are looking for high quality songs you should instead use Fluxic’s dedicated sister site PickupSongs (www.pickupsongs.com).
Here you find a great pool of constantly developed songs in the pop, urban and dance styles. 
And also a range of more traditional songs in the rock and country genre.

Special songplugger features
Pickupsongs features a host tools specialized for songpluggers enabling you to quickly check for songs matching your needs.
The Music Search Matrix on PickupSongs is fine tuned for songplugging.



Jesper Ranum – one of the pioneers in Danish electronic music – now launches an extensive and visionary musical and artistic universe comprising previously unreleased electronica with accompanying artwork and deep web-integration.

Fluxic.com. A holistic musical experience.
Danish electronica spanning more than 30 years presented on a unique
web portal developed from the ground up.

More than 9 hours of original content in a forward thinking and deep site where notions are turned upside down compared to standard music biz thinking.

• In Flux. Music, Artwork and site is being continuously developed and updated daily.
• Living artwork. Experience tracks com to life with inspiring artwork slideshows.
• Randomizing. Ensures a new experience for every visit.
• Flow Control. Match the stream to you current mood and activity.
• Virtual Bands. The music determines the band.
• Music as software. Get track updates as they become available.
• HD Downloads. Download tracks in full 24-bit WAV quality.
• Inspiring searches. Standard and absurd search criteria you won’t find anywhere else.
• Direct interactivity with the artist.
• Independent of corporations and multinational interests,
• Free of commercials spam and noise.

“Fluxicology”. A quintuple CD box set.
The launch is accompanied by a physical CD box set comprising 5 albums released as a limited and signed edition. The box set cannot be bought but only be won or earned via Fluxic.com. The music is a snapshot of the current content on the site.

The album can be experienced in it’s entity as an installation with artwork on www.fluxic.com

Contact Jesper Ranum on +45 33 24 00 23 or jesper@ranum.dk.




Hello Media Creator,

Music can convey emotions that are hard – or even impossible – to create in any other way.
In today’s hectical production environment you want to audition and clear music fast and efficiently while at the same time monitoring originality, quality and budget.

Ranumusic offers an exclusive selection of tracks that are easy to find, modify and clear.
If the track is not perfect as it is you can often request a free update to match your needs.
Or even a fully new track if nothing suitable was found.
So…. No cure. No pay.

To get a general sense of the musical scope on the site try clicking the Dice icon in the upper right corner. This will present you with randomly selected featured tracks. Click again to get a new track.

If you feel stuck and need some musical inputs for your production please get in touch.
Except for any time zone differences I am working fully borderless. So location is not an issue


Musical compositions are of course the basic foundation that Ranumusic builds upon.
From many years of working with music for media I have explored and composed music in almost any genre and styles.
I am autodidact and I have a very experienced and developed ear for catchy tunes, emotional underscores, eerie soundscapes and everything in between.
Due to the modular structure of Ranumusic any track can easily be further developed and expanded upon.
Existing tracks are continually updated and modified. 
And new tracks are produced almost daily. 
Adding to the already quite extensive library.
Please get in touch to discuss your project needs.
Click here for Contact Form….

If you like the sounds and songs that you hear from these sites I am available for music consulting.
Be it Film, TV or Web projects, Installations, Games, Theme parks and any other location involving music and sound design.
Huge experience in both the Music and Media business.
Ranumusic is serving as a media music library featuring unqiue and exclusive musical material that can be quickly adapted and tailored to a specific purpose. If you don’t find what you are looking for – or the results are not close enough – you can request an updated version with special features and characteristica.
Tracks can both be licensed on a per-track basis or by means of a specially negotiated batch licensing agreemeent, More info on Licensing
We have developed super streamlined production methods to keep the creative juices flowing.
Many songs are worked upon simultaneously, and we are daily uploading new stuff to the site.
The goal is to make the shortest way from the musical idea in your head, to a listenable result.
The demo the gets refined over a number of minor sessions until it feels ready for mix.
Even the mix often develops along with the production.

Hello Music Supervisor,

I don’t wanna waste your time so let’s get straight to the point.

Scene 1. What can Ranumusic do for you ?
To get a quick impression just click the large dice in upper right corner.
This will present randomly selected featured tracks across many genres and styles.
For a more genre specific browsing you could check out the “Stations” in the left menu.
They present highlights of different musical genres, effectively acting as online showreels.
Start playback by clicking the Station image – and use “Next” button in the player to play next or previous track.
Click the track title in the player to show details of the track.
If you go the extra mile and create a Ranumusic profile you can collect tracks in a favorite list or create custom playlists.
If you decide to use a track you can send me an email to get a quote for instant clearance.
Tracks can usually be adapted and modified to your needs within 24 hours.
Click “Projects” in the left menu to see some of the cases previously solved.

Scene 2. You need a piece of music – now !
You’re busy. Clients are rushing and deadlines approaching.
Click “Music Search” in the left Navigation Bar
If you know what you’re going for just select Genre, Mood and other standard criteria,
and be presented with a short list. Click thumbnail covers to listen.
If you need suggestions or inspiration for music for a specific scene, setting or product
you should try the innovative “Visual Hint”, “Location Hint” and “Product Hint” parameters.
I have put my extensive experience behind the tagging of the tracks, so there’s a real
chance that you will at least get close very fast.

Scene 3. You have an ongoing need for easily cleared music in mixed genres
You have a lot of music intensive programming to attend. So turnover has to be swift 
and efficient. No time for cumbersome clearance procedures.
With Ranumusic you can sign up for a batch “all you can eat” agreement and just find 
and download the music when you need it.
Please use the Contact Form to get in touch about this.

We respect your privacy.
Fluxic is not related to any site that gathers info on your online behavior
Under no circumstances will your email or any other personal data be handed over, sold or distributed to third parties.
All payment transactions are handled by recognized industry-standard  providers with maximum safety and convenience.
By signing up with Fluxic you agree to receive occasional relevant update info about Fluxic and it’s related sites.
You will get notified by email when there are updates available to your purchased tracks.
You can opt to receive more info by signing up to the newsletter and blog in your account settings.

I welcome cooperation with Publishers and Songpluggers.
Let us together locate and shape potential hit songs from the Pickupsongs catalog for artist consideration.
Publishing and Licensing deals available on a song-by-song basis.

What can Publishers get here?
To get a quick impression you should probably check out the “Stations” in the left menu.
The stations present a selection of songs in your preferred genre.

Start playback by clicking the Station image – and use “Next” button in the player to go to the next song.
Click the song title in the player to show details of the song.
If you go the extra mile and create a logon you can collect songs in a favorite list or a playlist.
If you decide to go with a song you can send me an email to get a quote for instant clearance.
Tracks can be adapted and modified to your needs within 24 hours.

What else do you have ?
A lot!  Click “Song Search” from top menu. Select “Publisher Tracks” from Search Scope menu to limit search to only tracks specifically formatted for Song Pitching.

You may narrow the Search by entering Genre, Mood and any other of the many available criteria,
and be presented with a short list. Click thumbnail covers to listen.
If you need suggestions or inspiration for music for a specific production or artist type
you should try the innovative “Artist Target Type” and “Target Production Type” parameters.
I have put my extensive experience behind the tagging of the tracks, so there’s a real
chance that you will at least get close very fast if there are tracks that match your needs.
If you find a track that is close but not spot on for your artist you can request an update or change with short notice.


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