Complete list of all songs DeFilm ever demoed or recorded – with references.

Main Author
747 Album 1 JR-TC
Be Careful Unreleased TC
Bitter Surprise Album 1 JR
Brainy Benny Unreleased Band
Come to Paris Unreleased TC
Chaplin Disco Album 3 TC
Cuba Libre Album 1 JR
Eat the Telegram Album 1 SRV
Frigid & Freud Album 2 LT
Get it out Unreleased JR
Here we are Album 1 TC
I saw your Dream Album 1 JR
I see Light Album 1 JR
Is it True Album 2 SRV
I Told You Unreleased JR+TC
Jennifer Album 2 SRV
Julia Album 1 JR
Like you Like me Unreleased JR
Love is Over Album 1 TC
Make Believe Album 2 LT
My Manners Unreleased TC
Mystery Girl Album 3 JR
Nothing comes easy Album 2 JR
So Many Roses Unreleased JR-TC
Times are changing Unreleased TC
The House Album 2 LT
Together Album 2 LN
Treat Me Unreleased SRV
Turkish Delight Album 1 TC
Whale Song Album 2 JR
Yellow in my Head Album 1 JR-TC
You can’t turn me down Unreleased JR
Your man is at war Album 2 SRV

Other Ranum songs from the DéFilm period (not recorded by the band).

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