Album 1: “Slow Down” (1993)

Solo decision.

After having decided that I could and should sing the songs myself, I started working towards a solo album.

In the building in Gammel Kongevej 47B where the studio was located at the time, there was also a record company – Sundance Records – residing on the floor above the studio. After hearing the music through the floor, Dietmar Schmidt and Peter Littauer from the company knocked my door and suggested that they would release some singles single and an album.

So I finalized the album and 2 singles were released in Denmark, with reasonable success. Both were played fairly regularly on Danish Radio (DR) P3. An when the album came shortly after that, it was equally well-received, and shipped around 6,000 units in Denmark.

Chance meeting

On a trip to the Midem music fair in Cannes, Dietmar Schmidt passed a few copies to the Korean label C&L Records. After some time, we were notified, that a track from the album had been used on a TV commercial for a well-known Korean cosmetics brand. That airplay had resulted in many requests for the music, so the label put out the album on a license, and it sold amazingly well, shifting more than 50,000 copies in the initial run.

Cover image for the Korean version of the album

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