Slow Down

Jesper Ranum

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Mellow, melancholic songs with a Nordic twist

11 Track(s)

After an extended period trying to work with many different talented singers without hitting the right spots, I decided to change the mission for my pop project. I slowed down all tracks by at least 25% (hence the album name) and added my own vocals, twisted through the machinery. Most of the vocals were sung directly into the sampler, and triggered by MIDI from the seqauencer on playback.

Created in Ranum Studio 7
Composed, Produced and Performed by Jesper Ranum
© KODA/NCB 2018

Additional musicians:

Backing vocals & fills:  Sanne Graulund, Jørgen Thorup, Jorn Lendorph

Guitars: Simon Harder, Klaus Kjellerup