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STUDIO 7 (1990-99)


After some years in the glowingly hot Studio 5 on the 3rd. floor in the leased room on Gammel Kongevej 47B, I desperately needed a bit more space and facilities.

I wanted to stay in the building, but getting the lease of the 1st floor was not easy and took a lot of persuading of the previous tenant – a fur maker. But we finally agreed to a solution, where the takeover should happen in 2 steps.

The first step included some 50 m2 of the full lease, where the studio was first moved. You may check that version 6 of the studio here.

Something like a year later, the fur maker finally relocated, and I had access to the full 230 m2 space – almost quintupling the previous space. It was time to think bigger thoughts. My assistant Lars Chr. Nielsen (also called “Larry”) was a skilled carpenter, and offered to help me constructing the place. It was basically one big room, so a lot of walls and insulation had to be put up to make a studio out of it.

1991: On top of the situation after heavy session day

Inspecting the synth rack shortly after moving in

1990: Inspecting the main synth rack shortly after moving into new studio.

Check the video studio tour from 1992, with a quick glance over the gear and rooms.

Gl. Kongevej 47B – Street & Back yard views



By the end of 1999, the gear inventory was very comprehensive:


Electronic Instruments

MIDI Controllers

  • Roland MKB-100 MIDI Keyboard Controller
  • Oberheim XK MIDI Master Keyboard Controller
  • MidiTemp PMM-88 MIDI Patchbay
  • Ensoniq KMX-8 Midi Patchbay
  • Ensoniq KMX-16 Midi Patchbay
  • Kaasgaard MIDI Matrix
  • Kent MIDI Program Switcher
  • Roland Octapad
  • Charlie Labs Digitar
  • Roland A-110 MIDI Display (x2)
  • Opcode Studio-5 (x2) 15 port MIDI Interface
  • Apple Mac Quadra
  • 2 x Atari Mega ST4 Computers w. Harddisk
  • Atari 1040ST Computer
  • IBM 486 PC Computer


  • Quantec QRS-XL Digital reverberator
  • Lexicon PCM-70
  • Lexicon PCM-60
  • Lexicon MPX-1 w. Remote
  • TC-2290 Digital Delay
  • 2 x Ensoniq DP-4
  • Roland SDE-200 Digital Delay
  • Roland SRV-2000 Digital Reverb
  • 2 x Tube-Tech PE1A Tube Equalizers
  • BSS-422 Analog Compressor
  • Drawmer DL-221 Compressor
  • 2 x Drawmer DL-201 Noise Gate
  • Alesis 3630 Compressor
  • Jünger Audio D-1 Digital Maximizer
  • Orland Broadcast Limiter
  • Tom Scholz Rockman
  • 2 x Yamaha SPX-90 mk. 2
  • Signex 96-point Patchbay (x10)
  • Lexicon MPX-1 with Remote
  • Alesis MidiFex
  • Alesis MidiVerb
  • Boss DE-200 Digital Delay
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