Hybrid Arts ADAP Soundrack for Atari ST

Since my exotic and costly PPG HDU Hard Disk Recorder never quite delivered the promised editing functionality, I went looking for a digital audio solution that could perform digital editing reliably. Having already a set of Atari Mega ST4 Computers, I tested a new combined hardware/software add-on for the Atari – The ADAP Soundrack by Hybrid Arts.

The system – although quite rough on the edges and with barebone graphics – actually seemed to work as intended.
It allowed you to record your audio clips (space permitting) and assemble these in a playlist to a composite file. You could also trigger the audio files via the built in MIDI port of the Atari.

The system consists of a 1U hardware unit with the analogue inputs and outputs, plus a software suite, deliver on 3,5” floppy disks. With the 20MB hard disk extension for the Atari, you could work on  a few tracks on the system at any time.