Sonar 2018

I just returned from Sonar 2018 in Barcelona with a smile on the face.

The festival is very well-arranged, with everything running smoothly despite the huge crowds. I also attended Sonar last year, and the circumstances and settings were remarkably similar between the two years. In fact to the point where you knew exactly where to go and what to do for practical purposes.

For a seasoned model like me it is a blessing to be able to exit the festival halls and get a cab that will take you to the comfy bed in your hotel. Definitely beats a broken tent in mud pool for me.

I watched 2 full concerts – Gorillaz and LCD Soundsystem, and several full DJ sets, including Laurent Garnier and Diplo. Plus bypassing or dwelling shortly over a large number of other acts.

WIth the D+ accreditation I had access to the professional area where a lot of interesting events and keynotes are held. Google, a few other major companies and a number of tech start-ups presented their takes on new ways to produce and generate music.