After teaming up with the other members of DeFilm, we of course needed a rehearsal space, and we found a suitable basement space in the backyard of Nyhavn 31, in the very center of Copenhagen.

Several of the members of DeFilm had already had a studio – “To Trin Ned” in Vestergade, Copenhagen, and brought enough gear to enable us to record our rehearsals and judge our progress.

With my keyboard studio setup in the rehearsal room, and a Soundtracks 16-ch mixing desk with accessories in a separate room we recorded a lot of demos for what should later appear as the first album by DeFilm. Many of these recordings will appear on the site shortly.

I also worked in the studio with the first multimedia project (for Peter Ring and other members of the Scatterbrain projection team “L’Art Scenique”) and various small film projects, and had the first commissions for TV. Some of these recordings can be found on the Ambitronica album.

During the period I was also doing the synthesizers and sequencing for the “City Slang” album for the Danish art-rocker Lars HUG, which was recorded in PUK and Feedback Studios in Aarhus, Denmark. The sessions in PUK subsequently led to DeFilm recording demos there for the first album.


Initially I brought a lot of the gear from my home studio.

Some additional gear was borrowed in for periods of time – the Roland Jupiter-4, a Yamaha CS-60 Synth, a Roland ProMars and the MiniMoog. For sequencing I also got the then newly released Roland TB-303 BassLine – now a legendary cult piece.


Circles and Rings

Fluxic | Vintage

Scan My Hemisphere

Fluxic | Vintage

Revealing Myself

Fluxic | Vintage

Basement Symphony

Fluxic | Vintage

Cassiopeia Gone

Fluxic | Vintage

Ambient Wasteland

Fluxic | Vintage

Wake up time flies

Fluxic | Vintage

Your Choice

Fluxic | Vintage

Tinker Bell Mash

Fluxic | Vintage

Circular Sequence (1982)

Fluxic | Vintage

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