Moog Sonic 6 Synthesizer

The first synthesizer I acquired was the rather special Moog Sonic 6, which lacked some of the MiniMoog’s performance features, but offered quite a lot more possibilities for experimentation. It still had the fat Moog filter sound, but the limited Envelope Generator somewhat narrows its potential for traditional musical synth sounds.

The Sonic 6 was originally developed and conceived by a company named Musonics for educational purposes, and called “Musonics V”. but the circuitry was acquired by the Moog company, who expanded and repackaged the synth with the famous Moog filter and made it available as a portable performance and educational instrument. With integrated carrying case and loudspeaker it was very easy to set up and get going. Its popularity never reached that of the MiniMoog, but it is in some ways a more interesting synth with lots of features for experimentation and sound design.

The Moog Sonic 6 – with carrying case opened. The instrument is integrated in the case.

I used the Sonic 6 extensively during my very first years. You may hear the synth on most tracks of the Vintage Electronic Prog album in the Expanding Meta Work.