MidiTemp PMM-88 Midi Patchbay

For a large MIDI setup there is no better way than to have a good programmable MIDI patchbay to take care of signal routings. Especially one, that can process the MIDI data on their way through the device. With the myriad of keyboards, controllers, synchronisers, mixing desks and other units with MIDI, it would be a small nightmare to change the routings manually.

The MidiTemp PMM-88 is a top of the line MIDI patchbay, with extensive MIDI manipulation features, including merging, filtering, splitting, transposing etc. The main unit is a 1U rack mountable device with 8 MIDI Inputs and Outputs. On  the breakout cabked remote you can program the unit, and change between the 127 available routing presets.

I used the PMM-88 in several studio versions: