The music, images and words are a randomly generated combination of some of the many thousands elements from my conceptual INFINITY work, and thus presents a fully unique scenario that can only be experienced once.


The INFINITY work comprises more than 50 hours of original and exclusive music, which together with thousands of images, quotes and videos adds up to one large cohesive and interconnected work. The music is a broad and varied collection of the electronic music that I have continuously produced throughout the last 4 decades. From the very first technically primitive demos to the very latest futuristic, algorithmically controlled performances.

The work is continuously updated on a daily basis.


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You can click both track titles, album names, artists and catalogue numbers to get more info.



Please share this page if you feel like it. Only note that the receiver will get an experience different from yours, due to the unique nature of each presentation.

If you want to share the currently playing music, just click the title and share it from there. The receiver will then hear the same music you did.



Concept, music, images and words © Jesper Ranum 2018.

For external musicians, singers, wordsmiths, graphic artists, photographers and misc. contributors: See Credits.


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