2 is better than 1

Slotted in between the central lounge and the recording booth is Control 2 – a small editing, tracking and pre-production suite. Besides access to the microphone, instrument and amplifier collection, the room is equipped with pro equipment for professional recordings and easy interfacing with the main studio.

  • TL Audio Preamp
  • TL Audio Stereo Valve Compressor
  • RME Fireface 400 Audio Interface
  • UAD Quad Processor Card with Plugins
  • Mac Pro Octa (24GB RAM)
  • Behringer Monitor Controller


  • Behringer 16-ch mixer
  • Panasonic DAT
  • Sony Betacam PVW-2800
  • Panasonic VHS
  • Sony MiniDisc Recorder
  • Fostex Professional 1/4″ Tape Recorder
  • Akai DP-88 Digital Patchbay
  • Korg Microsampler
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