Sony PVW-2800 Betacam SP Video Recorder

In the 1990’s a new video format – Betacam SP – would outperform the previous U-Matic format.

Betacam was a refinement of the ill-fated Betamax standard, but with the addition of timecode, professional specs, TBCs and a hefty price tag to go with it.

The format was gaining popularity very quickly, so I decided to get a machine for each of the 2 main recording studios I had then. I chose the Sony PVW-2800. Being the latest generation, it was somewhat more affordable than the previous machines, The Betacams served well for a number of years, until video was finally dominated by computers.

I still have one machine, which is mostly used as an Analog Tape Recorder. The wide tape and the pro specs enables you to record and play back very high quality audio, matching the quality of a good analog 1/4-inch machine.

The PVW-2800 has a detachable front panel that doubles as a remote with an extension cable.