The modular nature of Fluxic allows for many different permutations.
It can be presented as a total experience with sound and visuals.
Or as a part of other events by using only the visuals – or the music.
Permanent or semi-permanent installations can be scaled to any size, from small galleries to stadiums.

In April 2017 a Fluxic installation was on display on the Mindcraft-17 exhibition, in San Simpliciano, Milan. The Danish Ministry of Culture supports an exhibition designed and curated by Danish designer Henrik Vibskov.  The interactive Fluxic installation accompanies 2 large textile sculptures by Danish artist Hanne G. The sculptures interact with the movements of the viewers and generates original soundscapes for every viewer.

The sculptures and audio installation was recently invited for exhibition again on the high-profiled CHART Art Fair in Copenhagen, Sept. 1.-3., 2017. The work was placed at the very entrance of the fair, so that no visitor could pass without triggering  a sound sequence.

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