Fluxic: “The Duet” on the Mindcraft-17 exhibition in Milan







A collaboration with the Danish textile artist Hanne G led to the work “The Duet” which consists of 2 beautiful sculptures with a sound installation mounted in the pod.

The work was exhibited on the Danish Art Councils “Mindcraft17” exhibition in Milan. The exhibition represents a range of contemporary Danish designers & artists, and is designed and curated by renowned Danish designer Henrik Vibskov. The exhibition opened on April 4., 2017 by the Danish Minister of Culture, Mette Bock and ran through the Milan Design Week (“FuoroSaloni”), until Sunday, April 9th., 2017.

The Danish works was presented in the center yard of an old monastery – San Simpliciano – in a unique setting with white bell-shaped “tents” designed by Henrik Vibskov, some of them containing artworks (se images below). Other artworks was free standing or presented on suitable spots in the yard. The monastery oozes calmness and style, and “The Duet” work set the vibe with it’s vocal based singing and chatting between the 2 sculptures, which was audible throughout the yard. By passing or entering the tent with the Duet work, the sound would start interacting with your movements.