“The Duet”. A futuristic, interactive installation

Since autumn 2016 a new collaboration and partnership has formed between Fluxic and established sculptural artist Hanne Gaard Grønlund – with the artist moniker “Hanne G”. Hanne is based in Copenhagen and is best known for her works with various textiles and fabrics as the foundation for deep and soulful sculptures and artworks with unique textures and shapes.

Sculpturing in less obvious materials

A planned new work – “The Duet” – by Hanne G asked for an extra dimension, and music and sound was an obvious choice, The Duet work consists of 2 large sculptures, reminiscent of a male and female silhouette – as seen in the top image. Fluxic took on the challenge and conceived an interactive music and sound installation to complement the sculptures. The concepts and visions of Hannes current line of works perfectly matches Fluxics algorithmic and generative music works and experiments with modular music.

See Hanne’s own presentation of the sculptures here: HanneG – The Duet

The sculptures started the music

Based on a 1-hour music piece composed specifically for the work (also appearing shortly on the “Fluxic Flow Arts” streaming channel), suitable musical excerpts were extracted and algorithmically arranged to react to your movements around the sculptures. A system of small infrared PIR sensors detect the presence of a viewer, and randomly selected music and sound bites are triggered to play together and form a whole. A randomisation process ensures that each viewer of the work will be presented with a unique musical experience – different to that of other viewers. The technical part of the system consists of a selection of Eurorack Modular synthesizer units, carefully patched to generate the desired functionality (see below).


The work was first curated to appear on the Danish pavillon on the international arts- and design week in Milan, from April 4, 2017. The name of the pavillon went under the name “MINDCRAFT17“. The 18 works on display were selected and curated by acclaimed Danish cultural lighthouse Henrik Vibskov, who was also responsible for coordination and design of the Danish participation in the event.

Further exhibition plans for “The Duet” work is being prepared – with the work also appearing on the CHART Art Fair in Copenhagen, September 1.-3., 2017

Read more about The Duet on Mindcraft17

The Duet – installation test run

Below you can hear a sample from the endless sound work as it will appear to the spectator during an exhibition. Being a test run, the sound has been recorded with an iPhone. Yet this simplified example still manages to give an impression of the soothing and rather complex listening experience.

The Duet – Test Run (plays in bottom player)

Tech Info

The 2 identical modular engines for the sculptures in the installation is designed around 2 Qu-Bit modules (Wave and Eon), plus a single Doepfer passive multiple module. All housed in a tiny Doepfer “lunchbox” rack box. All 8 voices in the system are going to individual speakers, mounted in the pod stand for the sculptures, giving a multi-directional sound experience as you walk around.

Special pod cases were built by old friend Otto Rungby of “Refshaleøens Snedkerværksted”. The PIR sensors on all sides register the presence of audience, and triggers the modular system accordingly. A special trigger converter has been designed for the system by Claus Kaasgaard. This circuit may appear as a dedicated branded Eurorack module. The modular system has been pre-patched to randomize the sampled sound set, so the listening experience will be different with each visitor.

Since the installation immediately starts outputting sound when plugged in, it makes for a completely self-contained, plug-and-play solution without a host computer. So installation can be carried out by anyone just as easy as turning on a lamp.



Click Here for the song