Posted on 18/01/2018

Jesper Ranum

09700 :: Drop Attack

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Posted on 01/01/1990

Jesper Ranum


DÉFILM :: RELEASES :: UNDERCOVERS   DeFilm did in fact record quite a lot more material than what was released. This album collects some of the better sounding stuff, and thus almost makes for a third DeFilm album.   ∆ = Available shortly

Posted on 01/11/1986

Jesper Ranum

Coming To Your Heart Soon

DÉFILM :: RELEASES :: COMING TO YOUR HEART SOON 2nd Album by the hyped Danish Electronic Rock band. Featuring songs and performances by all original musicians. Recorded in Medley Studio, Bløndal Studio, Hookfarm, Ranum Studio, DeFilm Studio Produced by Poul Bruun, Jesper Ranum & DeFilm