Publisher looking for specific material for a current artist? Media creator with an attractive placement opportunity?

Song-by-song publishing deals are available for unpublished tracks.
 This counts for all tracks not already published by another publisher.
 You can see the actual publisher (if any) for a track in Track Details.

Sub-publishing is generally available for territories where tracks are not yet represented.

Song-by-song publishing

Song-by-song publishing deals are available for tracks that are not yet published.
The Player “Publish” button is active for unpublished tracks.

Relevant to:
– Publishers looking to pitch songs to an new or established artist.
- Media creators with attractive placement opportunities.
- Broadcasters with heavy music exposure.
You can see the publisher (if any) for a track in Track Details.
If you want to publish a track please Make Contact, and select “Music Publishing” as subject.
Standard response time is within 24 hours.

Batch Publishing

If you have the need for a lot of music a batch publishing agreement for several tracks can be negotiated for the relvant territories.
Please make contact for inquiries about this.


Sub-Publishing is generally available for territories where tracks are not yet represented by a Publisher.
Please make contact to inquire.

I welcome cooperation with Publishers and Songpluggers.
Let us together locate and shape potential hit songs from the Pickupsongs catalog for artist consideration.
Publishing and Licensing deals available on a song-by-song basis.

What can Publishers get here?
To get a quick impression you should probably check out the “Stations” in the left menu.
The stations present a selection of songs in your preferred genre.

Start playback by clicking the Station image – and use “Next” button in the player to go to the next song.
Click the song title in the player to show details of the song.
If you go the extra mile and create a logon you can collect songs in a favorite list or a playlist.
If you decide to go with a song you can send me an email to get a quote for instant clearance.
Tracks can be adapted and modified to your needs within 24 hours.

What else do you have ?
A lot!  Click “Song Search” from top menu. Select “Publisher Tracks” from Search Scope menu to limit search to only tracks specifically formatted for Song Pitching.

You may narrow the Search by entering Genre, Mood and any other of the many available criteria,
and be presented with a short list. Click thumbnail covers to listen.
If you need suggestions or inspiration for music for a specific production or artist type
you should try the innovative “Artist Target Type” and “Target Production Type” parameters.
I have put my extensive experience behind the tagging of the tracks, so there’s a real
chance that you will at least get close very fast if there are tracks that match your needs.
If you find a track that is close but not spot on for your artist you can request an update or change with short notice.


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