Whenever a recording is made somebody has the copyright to that recording.
Whenever you use a piece of music in a publicly broadcasted or performed situation it must be cleared with the copyright holders.
You must therefore be sure that you have obtained all the rights you need, including the recording rights.
The recording rights are different from the composer’s copyrights, and may well be owned by a different company or person from the composer or publisher.

On this you can clear both the composition and recording rights simultaneously, and thus start to use the music right away.


Are we inadvertently violating your Copyrights ?
If you feel that your – or any third parties’ – copyrights are being violated on this site please notify, and I’ll investigate.
If you’re found to be correct I’ll remove the offending material immediately.

Are you inadvertently violating our Copyrights ?
All musics, lyrics, programming and other creative output on this site is the intellectual property of
 Jesper Ranum if not explicitly marked otherwise.
Downloads, synchronisations and public reproduction can only take place with the proper permissions. 
Any violation of this will be prosecuted by court, under the laws of Denmark.
Payments for public performances are handled by KODA (
Licensing and synchronisation fees are handled directly.

Please use the contact info below if you would like to use any of the stuff on this site. I am very interested in joining or teaming up with interesting projects.


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