Walk that extra mile

Unleash the full potential of your production with a professional Danish Voice Over Artist.

  • All media and voice types covered.
  • Representing a great range of the most talented voices in Denmark.
  • Ultra-experienced session direction.
  • Smoothest workflows.
  • Flexible facilities
  • Best possible recording chains

Same day inhouse VO deliveries.

Ranum delivers experienced and spot-on VO’s in your mailbox. Today.

Choose between a convincing male classic VO, a young modern female VO, a fresh young man or child voices. All available inhouse. Flexible pricing structure.

All options available

Mail us your script and directions (if any), and get several different takes to choose from. Should you need even more options, corrections comes free.

Recorded in our pro recording studio, edited, formatted and processed for you.

Remote clients can easily attend via Skype, Source-Connect or ISDN.

If you need more voice talent options you may also want to dive into our affiliated voice database on

Call or mail us if you need help with voice work. Recommendations, booking, recording, session direction, scripting, proof-reading etc.

Standard Actors Guild tariffs apply.

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