Posted on 22/04/2016

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Stream Tease

In 2016 Fluxic has started doing regular, improvised live performances in the studio for a small audience. In order to reach a wider audience, the concerts will be live streamed during 2016. A 4 camera setup has been installed in the studio, that will provide the images for the Wirecast software hosted by a Mac Pro. Experiments […]

Posted on 01/02/2016

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Telestream WireCast

Fluxic now incorporates a full TV-station With the addition of the Telestream WireCast software for the Mac Pro, future Fluxic events and concerts can now be live streamed directly from the studio. I am currently carrying out experiments with a basic setup of 2 HDMI cameras and a webcam, with extra cameras planned. Expect the first webcast […]