2 Songs recorded in Thai

POP MISSILES  |  Songs recorded in Thai

2 Pop Missiles songs – “Restless Night” and “Photograph” – have been recorded in Thai language during the summer.

These are some of the first Pop Missiles songs to be finalized, so the music was already recorded.

The lyrics have been beautifully translated by Timmy Petchabun, into a sophisticated, yet singable Thai language.

With input from friends like Atit, Sara, Samaphorn ThongintrPiyanut Thongintr, Woranach Meekhunsuk, Samitthi Lorjaichon, and others, the lyrics have been slightly adjusted into a more casual and modern Thai.

We took great effort in delivering a convincing vocal on the demanding language. And according to our Thai friends we have apparently done pretty well.

We are looking for partners in Thailand for a digital release there.