Akai DP-88 Digital Patchbay

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The digital detangler.

This is one of those boxes for the recording studio that does not make a sound of its own, but makes life a whole lot easier especially for large setups. The Akai DP-88 allows you repatch your full digital audio setup in a split second, by using the buttons on the unit – or remotely via MIDI.


WIth its 10 digital in- and outputs, the unit can cope with a quite large setup. The inputs and outputs are a mix of optical and XLR plugs, to allow for routing of both pro and consumer gear. The digital audio is not processed, but merely routed between the inputs and outputs. A single input can be assigned to multiple outs, but only input can go to any output at a time. The unit can handle resolutions up to 24-bit 48K.

Programs can be stored to and copied between 127 available memory slots. Operation is quite straightforward, with hardly any need to look at the manual.