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More than 4 hours of Algorithmic Electronic Funk. Pick your own moments

09864-019M @ 2017

09864-014M @ 2017

09864-021 @ 2017

5 Track(s)

A current take on the classic fusion funk groove, sound and elements.

Although not too faithful to vintage acts, this algorithmic piece presents a lot of different elements of fusion funk with strokes of now.

The 1 hour vivid version keeps the groove going most of the time, with many different rhythmic parts interacting.

The extended 2-hour more ambient version only sometimes touches fusion funk, but moves in many different directions also – electronica, soundtrack…

The long versions are the original, unedited output versions from the system. It may occasionally get pretty calm or a bit static for a few bars, but just wait. The flow of the tide will bounce back.

If you let the tracks run for extended periods, it gets pretty relaxing, since the music stays continuous and consistent while at the same time moves and changes constantly.

The track will be further explored and expanded upon.

From the first demo to release – and further

Created in Ranum Studio 8
Composed, Produced and Performed by Jesper Ranum
© KODA/NCB 2018

All music & other content © Jesper Ranum (KODA/NCB) 2018.
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