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Hey! I didn't think of that!

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Screenshot of parts of the randomized mixer environment in Logic Pro X. Click image to enlarge.

These tracks were all automatically mixed by my randomized mixing system – which is a fully customized mixer built entirely in the Logic Pro X MIDI Environment. So all volume and mute decisions are out of my hands, and the sections are presented as sometimes almost unrecognizable fragments of the full music piece.

The full mix with hundreds of variables are changed regularly, so the listening experience will be different for each live playback of the work. The automixed versions on this album are thus recorded extracts of an otherwise continuously and dynamically evolving piece.

From the first demo to release – and further

Created in Ranum Studio 8
Composed, Produced and Performed by Jesper Ranum
© KODA/NCB 2018

All music & other content © Jesper Ranum (KODA/NCB) 2018.
No public use without prior written agreement.
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