Hype Showers

Tronix | DeFilm



Brutal Seq, Horny Stabs & Alien Snares


09376-003 @ 1982

PUK Studio

X0039-030M @ 1983

10 Track(s)

Brutal Sequences, Hysterical Stabs and Alien Snares. These features were obviously in fashion around the time of these tracks. The sound and productions were hyped and eager to use all the possibilities of modern production methods. Several tracks feature both the NED Synclavier II digital music system and the Fairlight CMI IIx sampler.

I was very involved in pop music productions (prominently with DéFilm, Lars HUG, Rockers by Choice and Michael Falch) during this period, so most of my tracks had a vocal orientation. But I have collected some remixes and instrumental versions to display some typical hyped sounds and arrangement methods of the time.

While gathering the material I thought it would be a fun challenge to do mashups and remixes of some of them and see if they can be brought up to current times. So don’t be surprised.

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