Fluxic: “Unfinished Business”


The Algorithmic DJ

As one of my ongoing experiments with randomizing in music, the track “Unfinished Business” has evolved into a full work.

Click the player above to hear a 12 min edit of the track, with focus on the rhythmic side.

The track is a large collection of material, that is being sequenced and arranged by the computer. As a testament to the power of this “algorithmic DJ” setup, I was presented with a constantly developing track, that that evolves in many directions. In fact, so much variation was generated, that the track is currently 3,5 hours long and quickly growing.

The algorithm can be easily adjusted to get more focus on specific elements.

Not enough? Here’s an hour more….

If you like to hear more of this track, listen to this 1 Hour 04 Min unedited, raw version.
I have thrown in some randomized voices and vocals for this version.

Fluxic: “Unfinished Business” – Uncut raw build vocals (1:04:00)