Automated Arranging

With simple means and a few tricks you can get a lot of creative moments from your DAW.

Depending on your kind of music, these methods may be more or less useful. It tends to lean towards the experimental side, and may be too chaotic to be used in a traditional pop context.

For a start you may try this:

  1. Make some musical events / regions of varying lengths.
  2. Rhythmic Events must stick to the beats in order to stay in sync. eg. 4 bars, 8 bars and 2 beats etc.
  3. Non-rhythmic elements can be any length.
  4. Stuff your elements with some empty space before and/or after the event itself.
  5. Now loop your events.
  6. If you have set a different length for each, the events will now appear time-shifted compared to the other events.
  7. More events produce more varied and interesting results.

Check out some Fluxic tracks that use these techniques.