Posted on 25/08/2016

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Search for Instruments and Machines

Now that we’re already in the nerd department, let me introduce you to “Instrument Search”. search for “Instruments” – tracks that include certain instruments – traditional or electronic. search for “Machines” – tracks where a specific synth or electronic unit was used. These searches are found in the “Music Search Matrix”, available on all content sites. […]

Posted on 05/03/2012

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Magento and The Indian team

Choosing online platform When the functionality map had been drawn for the Fluxic Expanding Meta Work project, it was a question of settling on a platform that could handle the requirements. The original design was planned to handle searching, presentation and sale of music downloads and images, and after a thorough analysis I decided that the Magento […]

Posted on 01/07/1997

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The first Ranum website

Establishing the Home Base. In the mid 90’s it became increasingly clear that Internet was about to take off big time. And that it would be useful for someone like myself. So without knowing too much about that new technology, I rushed to acquire some strategic domain names to be prepared for the things to […]