Magento and The Indian team

Choosing online platform

When the functionality map had been drawn for the Fluxic Expanding Meta Work project, it was a question of settling on a platform that could handle the requirements. The original design was planned to handle searching, presentation and sale of music downloads and images, and after a thorough analysis I decided that the Magento e-commerce platform was probably the best suited for this.

Building on the open source Magento community framework around MySQL and PHP. But it quickly became evident that the basic Magento installation was not able to deliver the required functionality without heavy modifications and module programming.

Land of the developers

After some research I located a company in Ahmedabad, India, who seemed to be able to handle the job. The company, Krish Technolabs Ltd., was responsive, sensibly priced. and seemingly prepared to work, so we started developing the first projects in June 2011.

In the beginning of 2012 I was looking to accelerate web developments, and I wanted to meet with the programmers to see if they could provide the solutions I needed. So I arranged for a trip to Ahmedabad, India where the company was based.