Controlling a DAW with a Graphics Tablet

Mice and more…

A mouse is not the only way to navigate your computer and DAW. Other input devices such as Graphics Tablets are an excellent choice for most DAW related tasks. You may have to change a few working habits, but once sorted out you will be working just as quickly and efficiently with a Graphics Tablet. Using the pen is even more intuitive than the mouse, since the pen movements and position is closely linked to the screen actions.


Ergonomics issues

With any computer control device there is a question of ergonomics. The mouse certainly has a great number of muscle strain “casualties” to its credit. If you are suffering from mouse related pains and injuries, you may seek to exchange the mouse with a different control device to relieve the strain on your muscles.


A trackball is probably the closest “relative” to the mouse, and can be used quite easily. But in my experience, it is difficult to achieve the same working speed with a trackball – even with some practice. It feels harder to achieve precise cursor movements when fine editing, and it quickly puts a load on a different set of muscles than you used before.