Crowdsourced Creations

Democratic Music?

Is it possible to make viable music with contributions from a range of unconnected people? Let’s say we agree on a tempo and key or chord progression, and then throw stuff in a common pool. And mix it up and arrange it algorithmically to see if there is a common spirit hidden in there.

This is the subject for current Fluxic experiments. A range of different tracks is – or will be –  available for contribution.

The following tracks are now open:

Robocon (BPM 129 / F#m): Instrumental only. Ambient. No drums or percussion.

Unfinished Business: (126 / D#m): Funk and prog. Rhythmic and tonal stuff.

If you are interested in contributing, please send an email on
Format accepted: WAV 44/48K, AIF 44/48K 24 or 16 bit, Mp3 min 192K.