DRB-Skolen Hold 1990 – “At leve….”


In 1990 I had the pleasure and privilege of assisting the first wave of students from the then newly established “DRB-Skolen” – an educational course established by the association “Danske Reklamebureauers Brancheforening” (DRB). Mission of the course was to educate and professionalize the new breed of agency people.

Over the course of some days, we produced various projects, ranging from radio spots, multimedia stuff, video. Plus a united, creative graduation movie to introduce the whole project to an audience. I did the music, voice and sound design for the movie, and it was presented in the large Copenhagen “Imperial” cinema, on graduation day celebration event.

Among the students on this first DRB-class were (as I recall it):

Anouska Sinding. Michael Madsen, Craig Frank, Michael R. Nielsen, Anne Søndergård, Mark Patterson, Sanne Olsen, Irene Greve, Mette Lehmann, Michael Robert and several others.

Other sessions for the school, included people like Jakob Blom, Martin Elley, Joachim Rosenstand and more.

Many of these people went on to become advertising heavyweight professionals, that I later continued to work for.

Click the player above to hear the music and sound design track for the graduation movie.