Flame Arpeggiator / X-2013

The Flame Arpeggiator module for Eurorack is a rather complex beast which allows for a wide range of creative patterns and rhythm output. The 2 different “engines” – Arpeggio and Bass can be patched to separate destinations, with separate note divisions, allowing full sounding complex musical soundscapes to be created.

The full setting can be transposed up to +11 semitones by means of external CV. Transpose does not adhere to 1V/octave, but rather uses the full control voltage range to select semitone value.

Coupled with the MIDI extension you get a range of extra features, like the ability to sync to MIDI clock and receive input notes for the arpeggiators. There’s even a built in clock divider, with 8 individual outputs with different subdivisions..

Several new Fluxic pieces feature this module. Uploads coming shortly.

Module Acquired: October 2016

Manual available here (new window).