Fluxic: “AutoHouse”

“How many computer decisions can you apply to a piece of music and still get meaningful music out”? I have asked myself this question many times and conducted numerous experiments on the subject. And this track is one such experiment.

Extracting the DNA

eml-beatport-logo-183x50Choosing House music as an example I skimmed the BeatPort “Deep House” charts, and extracted some typical elements of the genre. I paraphrased these in my system using my own sounds and licks, while checking with the references. When I felt I had sufficient basic material, I let the computer sort, arrange, mix and match these elements. This resulted in a quite enjoyable and definitely listenable piece of music, made algorithmically from selected portions of my raw material.

How much music do you want?

eml-measure-184x51Once the system has been set up, I can specify how much music I want the computer to generate. The track can be easily expanded and updated by adjusting the bin content, frequency and balance. From these raw materials, I have currently created more than 8 hours of continuous music. The music could actually go for months without playing the exact same piece twice. Check out this 23-minute excerpt with similarly generative images added.

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23 minutes with generative images

[gdlr_video url=”https://youtu.be/hRt-RRxjd1M?list=PL9eqLWxxhtSiKk5EycLS_Qu-LygycpkLw” ]

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If you like the music or find the concept interesting, you can get almost 3 more hours of it here:


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