Fluxic is conceived as a scalable entity, where the work – or parts and permutations of it – can appear in a range of different contexts.

With this modular approach the work is in constant change (or “Flux”), and you will enter the work from a new angle for each encounter.

The Modular idea stretches all the way from patching the modular synthesizer, to the conception and arranging of musical parts, and presentations to the viewers.


A good place to try out chaotic and spontaneous ideas. Just remember to keep recording, since you cannot get back to the same spot again.

Absurd signal chains, modulation infernos, odd signatures sequencing, micro-controlled events. Basically almost infinite options, which you may consider a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your musical preferences.

The Modular system can be used both as a sound-generation tool, a control tool or a sound processing tool. Or a mixture of everything. The number of simultaneous events you can produce depends on your configuration. Larger systems can process and generate many things simultaneously. In my system up to 16 different audio processes can be carried out at once.


I produce a lot of music with a varied range of techniques. It is all stored and tagged, and the bits may be assembled into new pieces & structures at any point.

I have worked a lot with modular and generative musical arrangements, that has built in mutation factors to produce variations that I would not have thought of myself.

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