Limiting your sound set

The term “dogmatic sound use” covers situations, where you only have one – or very few – basic sounds at your disposal. Such a limited basic sound set can be stretched and tweaked to get maximum mileage out of every sound.

Some examples of what you can do to achieve this

  • play the sound at a higher or lower pitch,
  • change the sound envelope ,
  • change the sound start time so it starts a new place in the sample (samples only),
  • reverse the sound (samples only),
  • loop the sound in unusual ways to produce new patterns (samples only)
  • grainify the sound
  • process the sound with effects processor

Among the benefits of this method is that the track soundwise will have a “inner coherence”, since all sounds are derived from the same source.

Both pitched and non-pitched sounds can be used, since the non-pitched sounds can be converted to a pitched sound by looping a small porting of it.