Reaktor – Metaphysical Functions

Metaphysical Functions is a part of Native Instruments’ Reaktor package – currently at version 6. So you need to have Reaktor installed to use the instrument. It has been a part of Reaktor for a long time, so even early versions of the program may contain it, since it is part of the official NI Reaktor Library.

It is actually a sound generator more than a traditional synthesizer, and features parameters that do not look or sound very familiar to the traditional synthesist. It leans more toward Sound Design than music production, but even so you can get a lot of musical mileage out of it. Perfect for drones, evolving soundscapes and organic backdrops.

Random delights
You can of course turn the knobs on the plugin yourself, but it is quite challenging to control the output, and steer it in a specific direction. Luckily NI implemented a randomize function, which allows you to randomize the instruments to a smaller or higher degree. If the “Randomisation” parameter is set to 100, all parameters will be fully randomized, and the sound will be totally unpredictable, You will then be presented with an endless well of inspiring and fun soundscapes. You may choose to narrow down the randomization amount, so the results will be variations of what you already have.

Taming the pitches
While Metaphysical Functions often generates random-pitched or non-pitched output, you can tame the pitches by sampling the sounds and tuning them in your sampler. This will allow you to use the sounds in a more traditional way and context, and to build up intricate pitched soundscapes.


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