MoogerFooger MuRF MF-105

Like all the MoogerFooger pedal-style units, the MuRF is built like a tank, and still has that definite Moog look and touch. Controls are reassuringly firm and tight, and the whole thing oozes quality.

The sound

The MuRF is capable of rhythmic filtering and overdrive of the input material. A range of rhythmic patterns are at hand, with the option for external tempo trig. 7 PolyMoog-style faders controls the frequencies of the filters that are the heart of the Murf.

Get Synchronised…


The Tap/Step In feature allows for some external tempo reference, I originally imagined it to be a strict click sync input that would advance the pattern by 1 step every time a trig signal is received. But it actually rather works more like a Tap Tempo input.